Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Wall Fountains Or Tabletop Fountains - How to Choose

Water fountains are splendid furnishings that provide many benefits, but people are repelled by the need regular maintenance. If you've never tried them before, how can you tell if you would even want to have a wall fountain in the home or office? You certainly should not go through the trouble of buying and installing one, only to regret buying it later.

What are the benefits of purchasing a water fountain? The sound the water makes is effective as a sound mask, to help tinnitus sufferers or improve room privacy. Splashing water also releases negative ions, which are believed to provide therapeutic effects. In general, having a wall fountain improves the ambiance of a room.

When we refer to the maintenance of wall fountains, there are several things to consider. You will need to refill water and clean the pump. You should only be using distilled water, even if you have no plans of drinking from it. Only, you may find yourself spending a lot. The mere effort needed to clean or replace fountain parts is what keeps some people from adopting water fountains.

You will find that all of the benefits you can get from water fountains are also found in tabletop fountains, only at a smaller scale. As the name implies, they can be used on a table or desk, and you can carry them around wherever you go. You can use the same small fountain in both your office desk and your bedside.

Tabletop fountains also have to have the same kind of maintenance that bigger water fountains do. You will still have to get distilled water because tap water has minerals and elements that will discolor your fountain. You must also clean the pump regularly to stop algae and dirt from accumulating and growing.

The benefits you can get from indoor water features can't be copied an outdoor fountain. There is a world of a difference in going to the closest Zen garden from your office building to enjoy the fountain there for a good thirty minutes, and enjoying a small indoor water fountain all day near you.


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