Thursday, June 10, 2010

Masks Make for the Best Costume, Masquerade, or Mardi Gras Party

Masks made from pale pastel plumage with shiny sequins are standard fare at Mardi gras, Carnival and masquerade parties. There's an allure and style to them possessed by no other costume element.

Much is made of our desire to pretend and the imagination's ability to do so. Few activities give us the opportunity as readily as does the costume party. Frills and flourishes that have no other place are found in abundance at parades of show costume-clad dancers wearing yards of sequined fishnet and feathered elegance.

None of it would have the same mystery without the elegance of the mask. These beautiful adornments have a history of their own that heralds back to court functions in pre-Revolutionary France. There's the hint of a palace in every feathery sequined one of them.

Party masks in plentiful supply are just a few keystrokes away. Feathers and frills that enhance the night's need for mystery and intrigue are available; so are sequined masks that hide Halloween ballerinas from crowds of ghouls and goblins from school.

Any costumed occasion can call for the appropriately feathered and sequined mask. Delicate colors can be matched to most costumes. Chiffon and silks of formal costume balls are the perfect place for feather masks.

The court jester may need to tell his best jokes to the feather masks in his court and juggle with his best skill. Refreshments will need to be more amazing than usual and the dances will need to be courtlier than ever before. Everything will take on a fancier appearance when masks with feathers and sequins appear at a party.

Laughter is an automatic response to the sight of masks made with the look of antique feathers and sequins in a costume's design. It is nearly impossible not to smile at this soft finery.

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