Saturday, July 10, 2010

Society's View of Hair Loss Sufferers

The other day, I was at a friend's birthday party and met a woman who told me she had attended a racial diversity conference. She said it was at a capacity-filled theater, and there was a black-American man, maybe in his late forties, who came up to give a talk on stage at the podium.

He posed a question to the vast crowd sitting in attendance, "what is the very first thing you notice about me?" Right then an audience member bellowed out at the top of his lungs, "BALDIE!" The crowd convulsed in laughter (his purpose was to get someone to say "you're black").

Although it was an amusing incident, it hints at a rather lamentable aspect of our society: our tendency to favor those who are deemed "good-looking."

It's crucial that we remind hair loss sufferers, which may include good friends, brothers, coworkers, or acquaintances that there's no shame attached to baldness. It's not your fault. People know that. It's in the genes.

For those suffering from balding and want to do something about it, there's a viable alternative: A hair transplant. Hair transplants have vastly improved peoples' lives, from NFL players like Curt Warner (former Seattle Seahawk) to respected TV sports reporters like KCAL's Steve Hartman.

Hair transplants boost self-esteem, helps a person feel as if he can blend in more easily at social get-togethers and parties, and might better someone's chances of landing that dream job or brunch date with a prospective spouse.

At US Hair Transplant, our hair transplants are natural in that we use your own hair for the transplant. Feel free to take a look at our before and after photo gallery on our website (link below).

In certain respects, a hair transplant will make you feel as if you've been given back your youth and help you feel less self-conscious upon meeting others initially, which can make life a more pleasant experience.

Getting a hair restoration procedure is like undergoing laser eye surgery to correct eyesight, or straightening out teeth by paying a visit to the orthodontist, hair restoration surgery is a fantastic option for people who think it may enhance their lives.

Hair transplant surgeon and Medical Director of US Hair Restoration. Our goal is to re-establish a person's self-image and self-esteem through modern medical and surgical services. Our hair restoration blog is a great source for people looking into hair restoration or just curious about our practice.


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