Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Puppy Grows and Knows Your Name - Life Like Puppy

Puppy Grows & Knows is a new Fisher Price computerized dog that teaches small children to properly care for their pets. It also teaches a small child responsibility because it is their personal ownership, their own dog and baby to take care of. The size of this toy dog is 14.10" h x 12.00" w x 8.30" l and weighs 4.15 pounds. As the child shows this toy puppy the love, attention and TLC that all animals really want and need, the puppy will grow into a bigger dog in four days. Its body, legs, ears and tail will grow, little by little, each day, as the child interacts with it daily, playing its programmed games. Two games include singing songs and playing a barking game. The puppy can be taught to know its name, child's name, friend's name, and personal things about the child, such as the child's birthday.

This cute little puppy comes in white poodle or yellow golden retriever, and has a CD-ROM with it in order to program it to interact with your child. This interactive dog is an educational toy teaching values and responsibility. This puppy also comes with a tape measure so the child can measure it daily and watch it grow, as well as a little brush, bone, puppy growing chart, and a puppy ownership certificate with the child's name and the puppy's name that the child personally names it. As soon as the puppy grows to its full size, it can be returned to puppy size again for more entertainment, love, bonding and sharing.

A happy customer who recently bought this product for her three-year-old daughter states, "I purchased this puppy through Amazon for my daughter's Christmas present this year. She loves the puppy that she has named 'Bubbles', and has played with it every day since she got it. As the puppy grows over the four days it says more and more, and interacts with its owner. We thought at first that we had a faulty puppy, as it only 'grew' on the first day and not on the other days, but reading-up on the internet we found that if you replace the 'demo' batteries it comes with, then it functions correctly. We love this toy."

Therefore, this is a Christmas toy to be included on every family's shopping list, especially if they have a small child younger than six years old in their household. It is also perfect for an only child who needs a playmate. It will keep your toddler busy for hours, bonding and sharing, like a small child and its new best friend, and treating it like a real dog, as the child lugs the cute little toy around. It is a perfect training mechanism for a real dog, some day, as the child grows up and matures to be able to take care of a real animal. Puppy Grows Is on the must-have list for every toddler this Christmas!


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