Saturday, May 1, 2010

Who Needs Men!

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Is this a question most women ask themselves? I know I ask myself maybe twenty or fifty times a day. Sometimes I think I don't need them, and at other times I want them so badly I could taste them.

In my survey with other women, out of fifty women, 25 stated they could live without a man, and have done it, and survived, but the other 25 percent wouldn't catch themselves without a man in their lives.

So twenty-five women are putting up with mess to have a man because I know their lives are battling demons and then some. It can't be easy with a man in your life.

The men I've dated along the way weren't worth a grain of toothpaste, thank you very much. They are dense as a zombie, and don't understand the dynamics of a woman, and the way they tick. Instead of them trying to get to know the mechanics of a woman, they go out and find the next one.

A friend of mine just got married, but he's the most flirting man I've ever met. He flirts with every woman that breathes, and I feel sorry for his wife. I guess flirting doesn't mean anything as long as he doesn't take it up to the next level. Maybe flirting is harmless, and his wife can't worry about what he's doing when he's not with her. He should be worried about what the heck she's doing.

Men come in all categories. Here are a few:

The Old Man - these kinds of men live for a young woman on their arm. They like to feel young again, and brag about this gorgeous woman being interested in them. The only thing about an old man is the fact that most of them are impotent, and they can't get it up, so where does that leave the young woman?

The Young Man - he's searching for an older woman to take care of him like a mother figure. An older woman is more established and he wants someone to show him the ropes. The problem with these kinds of men is that most of them can't keep up, and the older woman is feeling like she's wasting her time with a baby.

The Money Man - he wants a young woman on his arm, but he doesn't want to do anything with her. His prize is just giving her money to keep her happy. As long as he gives her the money he doesn't have to entertain her, but he wants sex. This sounds like a prostitute to me, and who needs it.

The Playa Man - he wants you, Jane, Tammy and all the other women in the city and then some. He can't survive with just one woman, and the fact that he's not going to marry you is another story all by itself. And most of the time he can't keep the names in tact. He's a dog in every sense of the word.

The Marrying Kind of Man - now this is the man most women dream about finding when they grow up because he's going to search for the woman he wants to spend the rest of his life with. He wants to get married, and has no problem with making the commitment.
He's our man.

The No Commitment Man - this is a man who doesn't know the meaning of getting married or committing to anyone. He's going to use you until he gets tired of you, and then he's going to move onto the next woman. He will never marry you, or date you for long. You're truly wasting your time with this kind of man.

The Dog Man - he is worse than a dog and will hurt you in an emotional way. He can't be trusted, and you'd need a condom in place because he's a snake in every sense of the word.

The Only For Sex Man - I don't want a relationship kind of man. I just want a booty call. Give me sex, and then have a great day. This is the kind of man you run as far away from as possible. He's just not the one.

The Staring Man - this is a man who just looks at you from across the room, down the street, on the bus, in a lounge, at a bookstore, in the park/beach, or at a movie theater. He doesn't talk to you, or ask for your number, but he continues to gaze at you with his black eyes. Who wants a man like this? I met one on a bus once, and he just continued to stare at me for weeks. When he finally spoke to me, he explained that he was trying to size me up, and find out what makes me tick. How was he going to find out what made me tick if he didn't get to know me? Of course our relationship didn't last that long, but men like this is afraid of rejection, so they just give you the eye. If you not man enough to get to know me, then you're not man enough for me. Get lost!

The Long Distance Man - he has a woman in every city because he likes this. He's a traveling man and when he goes to Chicago, New York, and Los Angeles, he wants to know Michelle, Danielle and Kimberly is waiting for him. Of course, Michelle, Danielle, and Kimberly think he's the only man for them. Too much distance for me, so I definitely don't need this kind of man in my life. I prefer my man in the same city, thank you very much.

The Mystery Man - this is a debonair kind of man, who has so many secrets you don't know what to think. Of course he intrigues you and you're dying to get to the bottom of his secrets so you're going to date him until you find out what makes him tick. Is he worth it? Maybe and maybe not!

The Married Man - now this is a man that every sane woman should avoid and then some. Who wants to be with someone who is already spoken for? I dated a man once, and didn't find out that he was married until a month into the relationship. Common sense told me to leave him alone, but he was so good to me, and I continued to be with him. Eventually when he couldn't keep up, our relationship ended. I shouldn't have gotten involved with him, and it will never happen again. The heartache and your morals aren't worth going to hell for.

The Live Together Man - he wants to see how it's going to be living with you before he ties the knot, if that happens, thank you very much. I don't think so. I have to admit I made a mistake of moving in with a man, and it lasted for a year and three months. It was good for a while, and then it ended up going to hell in a basket and then some. Of course we weren't married, so I couldn't expect the relationship to last. I moved out, and it's wonderful living without a man, unless you're married to him. I do believe in holy matrimony.

The Same Age Man - I have to admit that I haven't dated anyone my own age. I married a man who was three years older than me, but the same age syndrome doesn't work. This is because the men my age have women that are twenty-five years of age. Why would they want a 43 year old woman when they could have an 18 year old one?

The High School Man - you met him in the 9th grade, and you spent four years of your life with this man. He's the apple of your heart, and the passion in your world. After you both graduated from high school the wedding is on, and you spend twenty or thirty years together, not, because the man wants someone younger. He divorces you and moves in with a younger chick, or the woman does the same thing. Some couples stay married, but most divorce.

The No Trusting Man - he has had so many bad relationships he's not in the market for another one. He's going to dog out the women he's with, and ends up being alone because of his past. He's not going to believe that you're the woman for him, and you're not like the other women in his past, of course.

The Divorced Man - he's not so anxious to get married again because of his past. He's going to meet women, and let them know that if they're looking for a husband, he's not the one. I just want to have some fun with sex along the way. I won't buy you a ring because I've been down that road and it wasn't pretty.

The handsome/Sexy Man - this is the kind of man that you just can't trust for all the money in the world. He's to fine and women are throwing themselves at him, and his black bull-headedness is busting at the seams. You're not going to be the only woman in his life. His looks will be the downfall of a relationship or madness. You just can't trust him.

The Lying Man - everything out of his mouth is a lie, and he wouldn't know the truth if it electrocuted him on the butt. This is a man you couldn't trust, or listen too. He's probably married, or has a woman, or whatever. He can't be trusted.

The Engaged Man - he wears a ring so he's supposed to be taken. But when he's out there in the streets, the ring comes off, and he's stepping out on the woman he's supposed to marry sometime in the future. I feel sorry for the engaged woman.

The Con Artist Man - he's talking to you for a reason because there's something he wants from you and sex isn't the only ingredient. It plays a major role, but he has more objectives, and right now you are the key to his developing plans.

The Rich Man - he has so much money he doesn't know who he can trust. He's searching for someone who doesn't want any of it. He likes an independent woman who can take care of herself, and doesn't need him to do it. He's not a sugar daddy for any woman.

The Gay Man - he's someone who doesn't want to admit he's gay so he has women and men in his life. His preference is men, and he will come to terms with it, or play a lying game within himself. He sleeps with men and women.

In reality who needs men because they have more problems than a mental patient. I just don't need the stress or the headaches. I rather be alone, and then some. It's the best policy for me, and I'm sure most women will agree. Do you really want the headache? (1,845)


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