Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Athens Greece - Top 5 Unusual Things to Do

The long history, the ancient sites, the rich culture... Yes, these are facts that we all know about Athens Greece and we appreciate. However, wouldn't you want to do some unusual things when you come to Athens? Visiting the Acropolis and the temple of Poseidon at Sounio are definitely must things to do, but wouldn't you like to discover some treasure activities that you will not find in your travel guide? Activities that will give a thrill of fun and excitement to your holidays in the Greek capital? Follow the list below and get to know modern Athens better.

1. Visit the Tactual Museum
The Tactual Museum of Athens is one of the 5 museums of this kind in the world. This museum is specially designed for the blind and for all people with visual problems. The unique thing is that, even if you see perfectly, you can wear a mask and actually touch the exhibits, which are excellent copies of famous works, including the Aphrodite of Milos, Hermes of Praxiteles, a maquette of the Acropolis and many other works of the ancient times, the Byzantine times and the Olympic Games. The Tactual Museum is found at Doiranis st, 198, Kallithea. To go, you take the Metro Green Line, station Kallithea and then take bus 911 to get off at the bus stop Faros Tiflon (lighthouse of blind people). The museum is open on weekdays morning.

2. Enjoy Marathon Lake
Situated about 40 km from Athens centre, the lake of Marathon is one of the three main water sources of the Greek capital. You will need to rent a car to go there. It is actually a big, artificial lake filled with water and surrounded by greenery. On the one side, there is a dam. Above it, a cafeteria offers great views to the lake and the nature around. Close by, you can explore beautiful and quiet villages, away from the busy atmosphere of the capital.

3. Go mountain biking at Mount Parnitha
Mount Parnitha is one of the few mountains that surround the Greek capital. Although it has suffered a lot from forest fires, there is a great effort to replant the mountainsides and recover its rich ecosystem. On top of it, there is a casino and some hotels to spend the night. Many travel agencies offer daily mountain biking and hiking tours on this beautiful and precious mountain. You will bike through lush greenery, see lakes and gorges and enjoy a day in pure nature.

4. Visit the Museum of Shadow Theatre
This museum actually depicts the story of Karagiozis, a famous shadow theatre hero, as drawn by the shadow player Eugenios Spatharis. Spatharis was actually the man who introduced Karagiozis in the recent generations and his work has contributed a lot in the education of many children. In the museum, you will see famous figures of Greek shadow theatre, how these figures were made and scenes from performances. It is probably difficult to understand the importance of this museum if you are not Greek, though it offers a great insight to Greek culture. To go to the museum, take the Green Metro Line to Maroussi station and then walk 10 minutes down to Kastalias square. Entrance is free.

5. Try paintball
Paintball is a relatively new sport and was introduced in Greece only a few years ago. Today, some paintball fields have been established on the suburbs of Athens, mostly close to the international airport, that host successful events and games. All equipment is offered there.

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