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Beyonce's "Video Phone" Looks, Broken Down

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What happens when the hottest chick in the game gets on wax with... the hottest chick in the game? She steps her game up to maintain her position at #1 of course! From the opening of the video, where she rocked the cut-out one piece swimsuit, to the all white one piece where she matched with the Gaga, to her orange swimsuit she rocked on the bike, Bey Sting brought it! Here are her looks broken down:

It's a bird, it's a plane, it's Zorro, it's a bad ass-- for the opening sequence Bey killed the slow motion walk, paying tribute to Quentin Tarantino's movie "Reservoir Dogs", strutting in this quilted mask, studded one-piece swimsuit, knee-high boots and trench coat.

For take 2, she went from one extreme to another. In a good way, and in every sense of the word. She want from a slow, sexy walk, to a sped up "shake it, don't break it" dance routine, and from simple all black to an in your face (or at least all on your computer/TV screen) with this black & white two-piece. But it's no regular two-piece, with eyes for boobs, and theater masks on her hips, she definitely brings in the animation! Keeping up the boots theme, she rocks out with her thighs out in these thigh high crystal embellished Halston boots. And she gets a "high 5" for those shades!;)

With a slicked back ponytail, and a trench style body suit with matching thigh high boots (courtesy of Jean Paul Gaultier), we wouldn't recommend you wearing this to the office! Flirting with the sharp shoulder trend, and sticking to her new fave weapon of choice- the garter belt, she proves to the whole world why Jay put a ring on it.

Put down your weapons! Rocking a pair of your typical (and now not so typical) science lab glasses, a flesh colored plastic bra, plastic belt, and colored leggings, Bey fired rounds of "bad bish" shots, subliminally warning any young diva in training why she is NOT the one to come after to make a name for yourself.

If the Dreamgirls were Las Vegas show girls, I'm guessing this is how they would do it up! This montage of body suits, reminiscent to that of identical quadruple's auditioning to be Fanta girls, shows how to simply leave a lasting impression.

The two killer bee's matched it up in all white bodysuit, with Gaga popping with yellow, while Bey rocked out in red (loving those Valentino D'orsay pumps!) If this was a "how to annihilate a video" convention, Gaga & Bey would be the only necessary speakers. Oh yeah, and Hype Williams!

Paying tribute to 50's pin-up Bettie Page, Bey percolated in a metallic bra, patchwork shorts (similar to her Dolce & Gabbana patchwork bag), and Ruthie Davis pumps, while maintaining her balance on a Skittle's sponsored rifle.

Baby! Can you handle this? I don't think you can handle this! She took us back to her days of a primetime Destiny's Child with this one-shoulder heart burst swimsuit, paired with a Cupid inspired bow & arrow, and topped it off with a chain strapped biker hat. And those dominatrix thigh high boots don't hurt the game either!

It's small, cute ways like this where she sends her Jay shout outs through the air, hoping no one notices but him. We see you, boo. The 80's baby gear, with current day trends and accessories gives us Melody Ehsani meets Fresh Prince of Bel-Air's baby mama who never had his baby. The hip-hop influence is prevalent, and adoringly obvious! Did anyone else peep when she threw up the Roc on the "Brooklyn, Atlanta, Houston to New Awwlins'" part?

This Jean Paul Gaultier one-piece orange tulle swimsuit, with lowered back, and cape said it best. Well, I'm not exactly sure what it said best, but damn it! It said something!

Her 10 best looks, and hottest looks, pretty much all her looks, broken down for you. And I'm not saying you're dummies, you ladies & gents are actually pretty fabulous. But this one was for you! Check out the video here.

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