Monday, August 2, 2010

Halloween Costume - Theatre Popcorn Box

You will need:

1 tall box large enough to wear

a utility knife

clear shipping tape to assemble the box.

a yardstick and pen or pencil.

red and white paint (and yellow paint also, if desired), and a brush

cream or white colored Styrofoam peanuts

spray adhesive safe for use with Styrofoam, or other glue

neutral clothing, or optionally for women, high heels and stockings.

for an optional hat: one sheet of poster board.

If you don't have a box the right size, you should be able to find one at a shipping store. Ideally, you want one that is about eight inches wider than your shoulders, and about as tall as the distance from just above your knees to your shoulders. The bottom of the box will now be the top of the box. What used to be the top, will now be the open bottom for your legs. With the utility knife, carefully cut off the extra flaps that will be on the same end as your legs. Wait to tape the box until you finish the painting.

If you wish, you can use a popcorn box from your theater or look at popcorn boxes online as a model for your costume. On one side of your box, write "POPCORN" in large red letters and draw a red a frame around it in any desired shape. On this and the other three sides of the box, use the yard stick to measure and mark vertical stripes four inches wide. Alternately paint them red and white. Some popcorn boxes use yellow on them as well. Paint the top of the box where your head will stick out, white.

For the optional cone hat, cut the poster board into a large enough wedge to form into a cone to wear on your head. Before assembling, mark and paint red and white stripes on the poster board, that are smaller at the top than at the bottom of the cone. When the cone is dry, assemble and affix with tape. Glue Styrofoam peanuts randomly to the sides.

When the box is dry, tape the top of the popcorn box closed and carefully cut a round hole just large enough for your head to get through. Using glue, apply the Styrofoam peanuts to the top of the box in a pile, much like popcorn is heaped in a popcorn box.

Try on the box to approximate a convenient place for arm holes. They should be at about elbow level, on the sides, and perhaps a little nearer to the front than the back. With the utility knife carefully cut the holes. Your costume is now ready.

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