Monday, August 23, 2010

Disney Movies - Bringing Us Back to the World of Magical Hand-Drawn Musicals

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Have you remembered the time when cartoon movies like Snow White, Bambi and Fantasia look like on screen? Indeed animation have come a long way and have developed so ingeniously. If you have already visited and stumble upon one of their studios where artists fondly make hand-drawn animation, then perhaps you had seen yourself in awe about the quality and the enthusiasm of those times greatly than in today's world of the ideal 3-D animated films. Walt Disney movies have seen this way as well which motivated them to create and launch at least one of this traditional hand-drawn animated feature once a year.

So, for this year's hand-drawn, elite feature from Walt Disney movies is 'The Princess and the Frog'. It opened in the top slot on its first week and earned $25 million but despite of that it was generally seen to be not that interesting. This movie the Princess and the Frog has a special protagonist - the very first Princess in a Disney movie who is an Afro - American. However, the prince she is trying to kiss is not as they say. Many critics are not buying this amidst the Disney's hard effort of bringing glamour of this idea with merchandise, masks and advertising.

Like the past Disney movies where it used musical extravaganzas for example 'The Little Mermaid', 'The Princess and the Frog' is a return to that rich musical tradition in Disney. Indeed, it was a risky move for Disney to go hand-drawn in an era of ultra-realistic 3-D animation. It requires to be done with special sensitivity and Disney got its best mind for such a direction in the persona of a pioneer in 3-D animation, John Lasseter, who is one of the founders of Pixar.

Disney movies are not dependent on the revenues earned from ticket sales alone. It takes on an after-life of their own in the collective awareness, and drive a moving business in Disney merchandise. Now, if this new released movie thrive in capturing the imaginations of little kids far enough to generate sales of Disney's merchandise from dolls, stuffed toys, action figures to children's bedroom accessories then, it can be said that Disney has effectively revived the genre. If Disney can get through issues and allegations that it is running on stereotypes to pander to its audience, then that calls for a high five!

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